Attendee, Ticket Holders, Vendor, Membership and Sponsorship Policies

Indiana Small Business Expo has been involved with the community since 2008 and we will continue the servitude and with the professionalism that our members, sponsors, vendors and visitors deserve. Your trusted support and the return on investment are the driving factors for our policies. Thank you to all of the Indiana small business owners that makes each event a success.

Indiana Small Business Expo, and in an effort to provide a diverse lineup of exhibitors, show management reserves the right to limit similar product offerings and services. Management also reserves the right to deny the application of companies whose products are not in keeping with the event’s healthy business environment.

Management reserves the right to place a limit on industries, in order to provide diverse membership products. Realtor, CPA, Various Insurance seats fill up first and fast. If those industries have at least two, we cannot accept more in this industry.

Professional conduct is expected at each event. The members of the Indiana Small Business Expo Network strive to present themselves as they would do so during a business meeting or a business conference. We all are representing small business as a whole, we all want our clients and customers to return.

Each participant has their own policies in place within their business and it is common ground and common expectation to receive and to display business professionalism.  Example: If a patron in a local establishment is unruly and infringes upon the quiet enjoyment of other patrons, the common practice is to remove the patron. Indiana Small Business Expo Network will terminate any and all members or visitors that are not engaging inside professional behavior.

Over consumption of alcohol at any event hosted by Indiana Small Business Expo, will cause for your dismissal and you will not be invited back to participate with any event. Under the influence of any mood-altering influence of any kind will cause for immediate termination.

The presence of drug consumption or odor of recent drug consumption is not allowed. If unprofessional behavior is displayed, membership or ticket revocation and your application or agreements to participate will be terminated.

The networking events are created to offer an atmosphere of professionalism that will foster and enhance business relationships and business referrals. These events should be treated with the proper attire as well as appropriate behavior that would be acceptable within the business arena, much like corporate America policies.

The Indiana Small Business Expo Network promotes and invites diversity and other networking groups and organizations to participate. Each business will need to complete an application for approval, some events are industry exclusive.

Please note that venue contracts do not allow candy, doughnuts, popcorn machines, any food or dessert vendors. A minimum of a $1,000 fee will be assessed for any violations to these rules.

Some exhibitors may need approval for certain products from the venue itself. Additional legislative documents may be required in order to participate. Additional contracts may be required to ensure laws are complied with.

Indiana Small Business Expo is contracted through several venues and establishments and bringing in your own candy, doughnuts, food or drink of any kind is prohibited. Venues charge penalties if these rules are broken.

If exhibitors wish to give out samples or packaged food items, you must contact Kelly Sparks and get an approved agreement in writing as this will incur a breach of contract violation fee from the venue.

Indiana Small Business Expo will send all exhibitors boxed lunch menu ordering opportunities for the Expo itself. It will be required that you eat only the catered/contracted food inside the venue.

Booth decorations may not be affixed to venue walls. Items on booth tables must be in line with professional business products and or services.

No shared companies at tables.

There are no guarantees of attendance for any event. Consistent follow-up is encouraged with your new connections. Members are encouraged to invite others to grow the community.

No children are allowed at any of the events.

All vendors, exhibitors and members are required to keep active liability insurance, county appropriate vendor permits, retail licenses and any other applicable professional licenses regarding your specific product or services. Certificate of insurance may be a stipulation requested inside participant contracts.

Attendee and or ticket holders must have a valid- paid for registration.

Non-members are welcome to the events with a paid valid registration ticket.

If vendors, members, sponsors or visitor’s violate rules or subject unprofessionalism to another participant, termination will occur immediately. The ongoing mission of the Indiana Small Business Expo events is to create an arena where we can become trusted business referral partners. All of our reputations and business image are the first priority for the Indiana Small Business Expo management.

Updated May 5, 2023.