The Story Behind Indiana Small Business Expo Networking Community

Loyal Connections Business Networking Group was the founding name of the networking group that has now been integrated with the Indiana Small Business Expo statewide community.

Loyal Connections Business Networking Group was formed in 2019 by President and founder Kelly Sparks. “I needed a loyal tribe of referral partners for my Real Estate Business, so I created and built it. One of my favorite moments of this journey was describing to my graphic artist the kind of logo that I wanted for this group. “I want a tribal boomerang that reflects diversity (two different color of hands meeting), here are my favorite colors and I love Indy Racing flags.” Little did I know how far this boomerang would soar.

“Through Covid my colleagues, my friends were having to leave their entrepreneurial dream and businesses and I knew I could help.” Ms. Sparks was committed to her group and called every contact she had and collaborated on how to take the group to the next level. She asked, “how can I provide a solution fast, so they don’t have to shut their business down.”

In the midst of serving Loyal Connections Business Networking Group, Ms. Sparks wanted to provide the members with additional resources for more brand exposure. She knew connecting them to others all over the state, would help them sell their products and services. Ms. Sparks purchased Indiana Small Business Expo and integrated Loyal Connections Business Networking Group. It wasn’t my plan to buy a statewide tradeshow networking company, at the time I was just trying to stay loyal and help my friends.

If you are reading this, I am grateful that I’m trusted as a small business advocate, I would love to be your new friend. The community knows that I go above and beyond to be a great connector, that’s why they choose me as their preferred commercial, small business and personal Real Estate Broker. I Hope to meet you soon at Indiana Small Business Expo Monthly Networking Community.