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DelMar Software Development
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DelMar builds custom applications for mobile, web, desktops, and cloud servers. Established in 2004 in West Lafayette, DelMar is a software solutions partner for small to large businesses; creating programs and systems that can meet the needs of any organization.

DelMar Software Development, LLC is a custom software development company focused on providing high-quality software solutions that are finished on time, within budget and, most importantly, meet the clients’ needs. DelMar was founded by Kyle Lutes in 1982 and reformed as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in 2004.

DelMar’s clients include small businesses; medium-sized businesses; and large corporations in diverse industries such as agriculture, education, government, finance, health care, law enforcement, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, printing, property management and retail. These clients benefit from working with a local company and meeting directly with the company owners and the software engineers assigned to their project. More than thirty-five years of experience and a pragmatic approach to the use of information technology results in new systems that provide the most useful and lasting value for each client.
DelMar’s software developers write software for the web, smart phones, tablets, cloud servers, and PCs. The applications are typically information-based, automate business processes, run on commodity hardware, and frequently interface with their clients’ existing systems and hardware.
Applications developed by DelMar may be used in-house by its clients, but more frequently are sold as commercial products. This experience creating commercial products is significant because it shows the employees of DelMar are not simply computer programmers. Rather, they have the necessary professionalism required to turn a computer code into a commercial software product. These steps include: project management, programming for concurrency, scalability, and security; planning and testing for deployment; processing financial transactions; and handling customer and technical support.

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