Indiana Small Business Connection community offers generous rewards, not competition.

A note from the heart of the owner of ISBC. I have a local networking group and I have encountered many business owners in different financial levels, and as a Realtor I can relate. I have redeveloped my vision for ISBC based upon the various hardships that I’ve seen this past year. I want Indiana small business owners to thrive and to connect with various resources.

Some business owners do not realize that there are resources such free webinars; podcasts, several networking groups and ISBC Expo events that will help them. That’s why I want to invite you into our community of sharing knowledge and experience to other small businesses.

When we support and offer our time and services with each other in a sincere un-greedy fashion I assure you it will come back to you much like a boomerang. Let me encourage you to network with small business owners with compassion and just know that your trade skills will assist another in growing.

Do you know that you personally can help a small business not close their doors? When you network with others decide to arrive with the intention of how may I help you? We all can support small business, please become a part of the solution.



Indiana Small Business Connection has a mission to offer many free resources. While ISBC has investment offers and paid advertising, there is no purchase necessary to receive access to free resources. When a business owner claims their free listing to ISBC, their direct business page link will be publicly displayed for thousands to view. Encourage and invite your Networking Groups to utilize this free service.


ISBC member directory gives you direct business link access to all members.

The Business Connections Directory offers a free budget friendly way to get website noticed.

The priceless benefit will build upon your website reputation and assist your business page to rank higher on several search engines.

Business Connections Directory will provide a search option to find web designers. Members can also email Kelly Sparks President of ISBC who she recommends to use. Did you know  that Websites and Landing Web Pages have vast price points, you can still have an inexpensive web page to get your brand noticed.

There is nothing to lose with ISBC when the mission is to truly to help small businesses overcome networking obstacles. ISBC is here to eliminate opposition. ISBC has a heart to assist you in thriving.

Imagine the participation from the entire state of Indiana as ISBC is statewide, and if each business owner took the time to tell our colleagues that they can have free resources and free business advertising with ISBC, how large would your network grow? It really is a no brainer when we consider free investments to enhance our business growth.